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List Building School 3 is a virtual conference for digital marketers, info product businesses, and solopreneurs.

Through an innovative and interactive approach, attendees will learn how grow their email list with engaged subscribers and use their list as an asset tos scale their business.

With the help of sponsors, this event hosts prerecorded sessions, live panel discussions, and workshops. I need your help to deliver this event for free to the audience.

How It Works

For this conference, I am organizing interviews and presentations with 30+ industry-leading marketing experts. These sessions will be presented in the following formats:

  • Pre-recorded interview
  • Live presentation
  • Live group discussion in a panel format

Attendees can sign up for free by subscribing to an email list dedicated to this event. Every day when the summit airs, a selection of contents will be made publicly available on this website in a publicly announced schedule. 

To foster engagement between attendees and speakers, there are live chats embedded next to each session or live-streamed presentation/discussion.

Each piece of content goes live on a specific day and expires after 24 hours to create urgency. After testing multiple formats, the expiring content has proven to establish the best engagement with the attendees.


The Event Structure

The website for this event is features an Agenda page, where attendees can see an overview of all contents for each day.

Every session has its own page showing the video, a live chat window, information about the speaker, and links to the virtual sponsor booths.

For live-streamed contents, there will be a dedicated area featuring the video stream and real-time commenting.

The virtual sponsor booths are designed to generate leads and foster communication between attendees and sponsors. You can run AMA’s in the accompanying Facebook group and collect email opt-ins via your booth.

Details about my WP Agency Summits
(2019 + 2020)

Some interesting numbers

Over 5,000+ registered attendees

More than 28,000 session views

102+ countries reached

Over 50 expert sessions organized

Sponsors that supported the events

Companies and partners

Details about WP FeedBack Summit (2020)

Sponsors Involved

The WP FeedBack Summit was an event I ran while working for WP FeedBack (now rebranded to Atarim). I am not with that company anymore but the results are too good to not mention them here.

We generated well over 5000 attendees and got over 107,000 unique visitors to the summit website.

The sponsors generated hundreds of leads from their virtual booths.

Below is a screenshot from Cloudflare, showing the traffic numbers.

You'll also get exposure to Virtual Summit Mastery

Audience Size and Exposure

Virtual Summit Mastery is the industry-leading program and community around virtual summits and has been established since 2015.

Our 780+ paying community members have reached millions of attendees with their virtual summits and are always looking for new tech solutions to improve their virtual summits.

You’d get promoted as a partner of VSM to the audience of 4,000+ email subscribers (list size before this summit), a Facebook group with 2,600 members, and 780+ paying course students.

About List Building School 3

Virtual Summit Format

Important Dates

Marketing Reach

The Summit Has Three Sponsorship Packages

Lite Sponsorship

Support the event and get your clickable logo on the website. Get promoted to all attendees through email and shout-outs during the event. You’ll also be featured as recommended tool or partner on the evergreen version of List Building School.


$2000 USD

Premium Sponsorship

Get involved in the event with your own talk, an Ask-Me-Anything session during the summit, and a dedicated sponsors page, where you can run a giveaway and build your own list.

This includes promotion after the event ended, too.


$4000 USD

Elite Sponsorship

Host a live panel discussion and post-summit workshop.  Also includes everything in the Silver Sponsorship and lets you tap into the audience after the event ended.


$8000 USD

Prices do not include VAT. If you’d like to speak with me before sponsoring, you can book a call here.

Lite ($2000 USD)Premium ($4000 USD)Elite ($8000 USD)
Featured Sponsor of List Building School 3✔️✔️✔️
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"Thank You" Mention during all live events at LBS 3✔️✔️✔️
Your logo in the summit emails and newsletters✔️✔️✔️
Logo + description promoted to the audience in a dedicated email after the summit is over✔️✔️✔️
All-Access Pass Coupon Codes (for giveaways or employees)10
($1970 USD value)
($3840 USD value)
($9850 USD Value)
Be a sponsor of the evergreen LBS version and get promoted until May 2023✔️✔️
Live webinar during the summit✔️✔️
Featured summit session (positioned prominently at the summit)✔️✔️
License the summit sessions and distribute them to your customers.✔️✔️
Your own Sponsor page to run lead generation campaigns✔️✔️
Access to the subscriber list✔️
Post-summit live webinar for the summit audience✔️
Host a live workshop for your product or service one month after the summit for continued exposure✔️
20% discount on next year's sponsorship✔️

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