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I’ve learned so many valuable lessons from some of the industry-leading experts in email marketing, copywriting, and sales. These digital marketers have helped me improve how I write my email newsletters — and they can do the same for you, too!

Every speaker at List Building School 3 is top-notch in what they do and has a profitable business to prove it. They’re going to show you what works for them – so that you can turn email marketing into a profitable channel for your business, too.

Each of these speakers normally charge consulting rates from $100 – $1500 an hour. I say this not to impress you, but to show you the value of what they will share with you.

And they are ready to help you make email work again. You’ll learn how to add more engaged subscribers to your list, how to send emails your audience wants to read, and how to monetize your list effectively and ethically.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

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What Will You Learn Inside List Building School?

Email marketing still is the most profitable communication channel across all industries. You know that already and you’re probably trying hard to see more results from your email marketing.

If you execute the strategies shared by the speakers at List Building School 3, you’ll understand how to get more engaged subscribers and how to nurture them. More importantly, you’ll discover how to ethically monetize your list.

Going through everything at once is probably not the most feasible for most. You also have a business to run, I get that.

Now, it’s easier than ever to find the support you need as you’re growing your profitable email list. With the List Building School Premium Pass, experts guide you every step of the way. 

You can watch and study these powerful and actionable world-class expert masterclasses more in-depth, at any time from anywhere!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

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So Why Should You Make It Your #1 Focus To Build A PROFITABLE EMAIL LIST?!

Imagine you could send an email campaign and within the same day, money is flowing into your bank account because your subscribers want to read your emails and take you up on your offers.

That’s the dream scenario, right?

Your business would become predictable and could grow in a sustainable way. 

You would escape feast and famine cycles and just focus on growing your email list and sending out targeted and profitable email campaigns regularly.

But if this is so great, why isn’t everybody doing this?

Well… We are all trying, aren’t we? 

But email marketing is complicated. 

Your emails have to be engaging and promotional at the same time. You have to be consistent with sending emails and leverage automation to save yourself as much time as you can.

There are so many factors to take into consideration. That’s why I’ve put together List Building School 3.

Let’s have industry experts explain to us why what they do is working, so that we can emulate their success.

Why Does Email Marketing Work So Well For Some But Not For Others?

As humans, we tend to overcomplicate what we’re doing. Learning from others therefore is important guidance in our own decision making.

The experts interviewed at List Building School 3 have spent years (sometimes decades) refining their skills around email marketing and monetizing their list. 

They’ve made countless errors in their email campaigns and have turned their most successful campaigns into repeatable processes. 

You can learn these processes at List Building School – and make email work for you again!

Enroll today and discover what works to get more email subscribers and earn more money when you send your newsletters

100% Money-Back Guarantee

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Module 1 - List Building

Iris Guelen
Iris Guelen,
How to attract more warm traffic from search engines, even if you’re not a seasoned marketing pro.
Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu,
The Clever Way To Use Pay-Per-Click Campaigns To Build Your Email List
Sarah Morgan
Sarah Morgan,
Using Instagram To Build A List For Your Next Launch
Chandler Bolt
Chandler Bolt, selfpublishing.com
How To Build Your Email List Through Book Publishing
Oli Gardner
Oli Gardner, bethekeynote.com
The Blueprint To Getting More Email Subscribers From Public Speaking
Jan Koch
Jan Koch,
Get More Opt-Ins By Making Your WordPress Site Load Faster​
Cynthia Allen
Cynthia Allen, futurelifenow.com
22X Your Email List With Virtual Summits
Kylie Lang
Kylie Lang,
The Secret Sauce To Building High-Converting Quiz Funnels

Module 2 - Nurturing Your Subscribers

Mario Peshev
Mario Peshev,
How to Grow Your Email List through LinkedIn Marketing
Jason Resnick
Jason Resnick,
The Magic Behind Email Automation & Running Two Daily Newsletters
Kim Doyal
Kim Doyal,
Win At Email Marketing Without A Lead Magnet (And Without The Hustle)
Jason van Orden
Jason Van Orden, jasonvanorden.com
What Makes Content Actually Build Your List?
Adriana Monique Alvarez
Adriana Monique Alvarez, adrianamoniquealvarez.com
They Stay For The Stories
Bev Feldman
Bev Feldman, yourpersonaltechfairy.com
How solopreneurs can make the most of ConvertKit automations
Allan Ngo
Allan Ngo, digitalsolopreneur.com
The Mindset Shift You Need Turn Anything Into Exciting Email Newsletters
Adrian Savage
Adrian Savage, emailsmartscore.com
The S.M.A.R.T. Framework To Reach The Inbox

Module 3 - Selling To Your List

Samar Owais
Samar Owais, samarowais.com
How To Earn $15k From A List Of 250 Subscribers (and $60 from 800 subscribers...)
Bryan Mills
Bryan Mills, passivebuddies.com
Earn More Affiliate Commissions Through Autopilot Content
Joshua Lisec
Joshua Lisec, entrepreneurswordsmith.com
Hypnotic Copy: Use Next-Level Persuasion to Sell More with Ease
Anna Parker-Naples
Anna Parker-Naples, annaparkernaples.co.uk
How A Podcast Sales FunnelTM + Email Lead To 400% Revenue Growth
Bruno Nwogu
Bruno Nwogu, accretion.agency
How WhatsApp, Email, And Affiliate Marketing Can Play Together
John Shea
John Shea, noshameincome.com
The Insider's Perspective On Email Automations That Sell 24x7x365

Module 4 - The Legal & Business Perspective

Yvette Sonneveld &
Berry van Es, yoast.com
Get Your Burning SEO Questions Answered!
Brent Weaver
Brent Weaver,
3 Secrets To Supercharge Your Agency Growth
Mario Peshev
Mario Peshev,
Increase Your ROI On Content Creation With Smart Repurposing
Donald J. Robertson
Donald J. Robertson,
What Email Marketers Can Learn From Roman Emperors
Jan Koch
Jan Koch,
How To Earn $10,000 From A Single Virtual Summit In Just 12-16 Weeks
Donata and Hans Skillrud
Donata and Hans Skillrud, termageddon.com
Complying with privacy laws while building your email list
Joi Brooks
Joi Tamber-Brooks, emailandcoffee.com
Email And Coffee: Listbuilding The Right Way

Module 5 - Workshops & Implementation

Joe Scoppino
Joe Scoppino,
Building Landing Pages & Managing Email Newsletters in Simplero
Yannick Veys
Yannick Veys,
Build Your List & Income Through Twitter (Using HypeFury)
Jan Koch
Jan Koch,
Scheduling 3 Months' Worth Of Email Newsletters In A Day

Enroll today and discover what works to get more email subscribers and earn more money when you send your newsletters

100% Money-Back Guarantee

No questions asked. No hassles.


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