The Full Curriculum

Module 1 - List Building

Iris Guelen
Iris Guelen,
How to attract more warm traffic from search engines, even if you’re not a seasoned marketing pro.

You’ll need to attract visitors to your site to build a list. The tricky thing is, however, that you’re not the only one trying to do just that. Many search queries that people enter into search engines have millions of websites competing for the top rankings.

During this interview, Iris Guelen will share several easy and actionable techniques to help you rise to page one. This way, it will become easier to:

  • find the search queries your ideal client uses to find what you offer;
  • structure your pages in a way that shows search engines what your field of expertise is;
  • create content that helps your ideal customer solve that one urgent problem or accomplish that exciting goal
Dennis Yu
Dennis Yu,
The Smart Way To Use PPC To Build Your Email List

In this session, you’ll learn how to run pay-per-click advertising campaigns to build your email list, how to avoid common mistakes, and how to deal with the ever-changing landscape in digital advertising.

Dennis runs Blitzmetrics, a company that has spent over $1 billion USD in paid traffic campaigns for its clients. 

Sarah Morgan
Sarah Morgan,
Using Instagram To Build A List For Your Next Launch

Sarah teaches you how to build an email list on Instagram and how you can warm up that list for your next product launch as well. Her courses have over 7,600 students and she’s doing online marketing for over 20 years. If you want to make the most out of Instagram, don’t miss this session.

Chandler Bolt
Chandler Bolt,
How To Build Your Email List Through Books

Chandler Bolt is an investor, advisor, the CEO of Self-Publishing School &, and the author of 6 bestselling books including his most recent book titled “Published.”. 

In this session, you’ll learn his exact process for building an engaged email list if you’re an author or just starting to work on your first book.

Oli Gardner
Oli Gardner,
Using Speaking Gigs To Build Your Email List

If you’re doing a lot of public speaking or get interviewed on podcasts and webinars a lot, this session will teach you how you can build your list through these gigs. 

Oli will also teach you how to get speaking gigs in the first place and how to be an exciting speaker to listen to.

Jan Koch
Jan Koch,
Get More Opt-Ins By Making Your WordPress Site Load Faster

Statistics show that 90% of visitors will leave your site if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. Join me in this session to understand how you can measure your own website’s performance and improve the loading time – without being a developer.

Cynthia Allen
Cynthia Allen,
22X Your Email List With Virtual Summits

As a practitioner of a fairly obscure work called the Feldenkrais Method, Cynthia Allen will share her experience in taking the practice online. She will highlight the value summits have provided in making quality connections with and serving people who want to move better and feel better.

She has held six summits over the past four years and has grown the company email list by 2,229%.

Kylie Lang
Kylie Lang,
The Secret Sauce To High-Converting Quiz Funnels

Quiz funnels have been around for ages – and Kylie has mastered them. Known as the Queen of Quiz Funnels, she dives into the components of a high-converting quiz funnel in this session.

Learn how to structure your quiz to get the most leads possible, how to use quizzes to qualify your subscribers, and what pitfalls you need to avoid.

Module 2 - Nurturing Your Subscribers

Mario Peshev
LIVE - Mario Peshev,
How to Grow Your Email List through LinkedIn

So you want to build your email list using LinkedIn? You’re on the right platform – LinkedIn has over 810 million members!

Join Mario LIVE as he explains how to effectively build your email list on this professional platform and get highly qualified B2B leads to join your list.

Kim Doyal
Kim Doyal,
Win At Email Marketing Without A Lead Magnet (And Without The Hustle)

Kim is known for her effective content marketing strategies and breaks down how you can win at email marketing without the hustle. She does NOT use a lead magnet and yet grows an engaged list, she’s emailing consistently without stress, and she unveils how she does it in this session.

Jason Resnick
Jason Resnick,
The Magic Behind Email Automation & Running Two Daily Newsletters

Can you imagine writing two email newsletters every day for more than 365 days straight? Jason does this and through these efforts, he has learned a TON about nurturing the relationships with his subscribers and growing his business with email automation.

Adriana Monique Alvarez
Adriana Monique Alvarez,
They Stay For The Stories

Make your emails and content unsubscribe proof. Storytelling changes the relationship you have with your audience because once you share your story in a meaningful way, you are never a stranger.

Jason van Orden
Jason Van Orden,
What Makes Content Actually Build Your List?

You’ve got to enter the conversation that’s already going on in the mind of your audience. That’s how Jason starts this session. He breaks down the five phases of audience engagement and how your content needs to reflect each phase if you want to build your email list and see results from your email marketing efforts.

Bev Feldman
Bev Feldman,
How solopreneurs can make the most of ConvertKit automations

Love your business but hate dealing with your email marketing platform? Bev walks us through the best practices and biggest mistakes in setting up email automations – so that you can take work off your shoulders. 

Using her Automate with H.E.A.R.T. Framework, this session will show you how to put their email marketing on autopilot on ConvertKit (and other platforms) without using icky-feeling marketing techniques.

Allan Ngo
Allan Ngo,
Turn Anything Into Email

Find magic in the mundane and turn boring everyday things into lucrative emails that are actually fun to write. Bring a smile to your readers, money in your pocket, and good riddance to “What do I write next?”

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your email newsletters, don’t miss this session.

Adrian Savage
Adrian Savage,
The SMART Framework To Reach The Inbox

Most people don’t realise that a big part of their email list could be a liability, not the asset they’d like it to be. There can be up to 30-50% of contacts on a typical email list that are silently killing their reputation and sales.

Even more concerningly, as much as 50% of most businesses’ new leads will never see the emails they’re sent when they first sign up.

Learn Adrian’s S.M.A.R.T. framework to have more of your emails reach the inboxes of your subscribers.

Module 3 - Selling To Your List

Samar Owais
Samar Owais,
How To Earn $15k From A List Of 250 Subscribers ...

… and $60k from a list of just 800 subscribers. In this session, Samar breaks down her strategy for ethically selling to your email list in a way that’s not awkward but builds lasting relationships. You’ll also learn the easiest way to write a nurture sequence that turns new subscribers into buyers, why writing and re-writing your subject lines is important, and how to leverage “Pre P.S.” and email footers for increasing the ROI on your email newsletter.

Joshua Lisec
Joshua Lisec,
Hypnotic Copy: Use Next-Level Persuasion to Sell More with Ease

The Million-Dollar Ghostwriter and Trained Hypnotist Joshua Lisec joins List Building School to teach you how to borrow practices of the world’s most mysterious therapy to build an unbreakable bond with customers.

Bruno Nwogu
Bruno Nwogu,
WhatsApp, Email, And Affiliate Marketing

Bruno managed to quit his job and build a profitable affiliate marketing business via WhatsApp and email marketing. He explains how he leverages both communication channels to earn the trust of his subscribers and ethically promote affiliate offers.

Bryan Mills
Bryan Mills,
Increase Value Of Commissions Through Autopilot Content

Bryan walks us through the process of building an engaged email list for affiliate marketing and then actually selling to that list to produce an ROI.

He will be covering short-term & long-term marketing lead generation that filters into auto sequencing and maximizing ROI through commissions on the products and services you recommend.

Anna Parker-Naples
Anna Parker-Naples,
How A Podcast Sales FunnelTM + Email Lead To 400% Revenue Growth

Anna stopped doing challenges or masterclasses to sell her services. Instead, she implemented a podcast sales funnel together with an email marketing campaign. As a result, after three months, her revenue grew by 400% month over month.

Don’t miss her session as she explains exactly how you too can build such a sales funnel in your own business without losing yourself in recording countless podcast episodes.


John Shea
John Shea,
The Insider's Perspective On Email Automations That Sell 24x7x365

Making money online since 2013, John perfected the art of writing email automations that sell products – no matter if it’s affiliate products or his own.

During his session, he shows you his ActiveCampaign email sequences and breaks down exactly how he uses email automation to ethically sell 24x7x365. 

You’ll also get a glimpse into the amazing freedom having a business like his gives you.

Marc Guberti,
Making YouTube And Email Work Together As A Money Machine

Marc is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and has 150,000+ students on in his Udemy courses.

In his session, he explains how his daily YouTube strategy and evergreen email marketing sequences play together. He uses them as an effective way to prime his subscribers, win their trust, and sell to them effectively.

Module 4 - The Legal & Business Perspective

Yvette Sonneveld & Berry van Es,
Get Your SEO Questions Answered!

SEO is a broad field and can be overwhelming… join Yvette and Berry from Yoast live to get your burning questions answered.

They’re a powerhouse team for content creation, search engine optimization, and marketing strategy. And they’re prepared to be grilled by YOU to help you solve your SEO challenges.

Brent Weaver
Brent Weaver,
Supercharge Your Agency Growth

Discover 3 secrets that will turbocharge your web agency’s productivity and profit. Brent works with digital agency owners looking to scale their agencies to achieve more freedom in business and life – and that’s exactly what this session will reveal to you.

Mario Peshev
Mario Peshev,
Increase Your ROI On Content Creation With Smart Repurposing

A small list of engaged subscribers is worth far more than a large list of uninterested individuals. And when it comes to writing emails that sell, the key is to focus on quality content. 

Let DevriX CEO Mario Peshev explain how his content repurposing strategy lets him write value-packed emails with strong call-to-actions effectively, multiplying the ROI on his agency’s content marketing efforts.

Donata and Hans Skillrud
Donata and Hans Skillrud,
Complying with privacy laws while building your email list

Join our session to learn about how to comply with privacy laws while building your email list. You’ll learn how to get proper consent, what disclosures your Privacy Policy needs to contain and how privacy laws can affect your email list.

Jan Koch
Jan Koch,
How To Earn $10,000 From A Single Virtual Summit In Just 12-16 Weeks

Virtual Summits work for solopreneurs and established businesses alike.

In this masterclass, you’ll discover why summits work better than ever and see the process of hosting a five-figure virtual summit from scratch.

You’ll learn the 3 secrets and 7 steps to becoming a successful virtual summit host – even if you’re starting from zero and have no product to sell.

Donald J. Robertson
Donald J. Robertson,
What Email Marketers & Roman Emperors Have In Common

You probably know what feast and famine cycles feel like and how stressful running an online business can be. Donald shares lessons with us to better cope wtih stress and challenges, derived from Stoic strategies already used by ancient Roman emperors like Marcus Aurelius.

Joi Brooks
Joi Tamber-Brooks,
Email And Coffee: Listbuilding

Building your email list is one thing, managing and turning it into a business asset is a different beast. Learn how to make the most with the list you already have and how to not let it grow out of control! 

Joi has evolved as a proven leader in email marketing and advises (amongst other topics on) short- and long-term strategy and segmentation, then produce content to build and sustain momentum.

Module 5 - Workshops & Implementation

Joe Scoppino
Joe Scoppino,
Building Landing Pages & Managing Email Newsletters in Simplero

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution to manage your website, courses, and email newsletters – Simplero might be the right choice for you.

Their platform gives you all the tools to build a successful online education business. In this workshop, Joe walks us through using the platform and explains the most important details on getting your website and email funnel set up.

Jan Koch
Jan Koch,
Scheduling 3 Months' Worth Of Email Newsletters In A Day

In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll see how you can plan and schedule three months worth of weekly email newsletters within a single day.

We’ll go over the strategy, ideation, writing the newsletters, and optimizing them through A/B tests. When we’re finished, you’re set for sending out engaging emails to your list over the next 90 days.

Yannick Veys
Yannick Veys,
Build Your List & Income Through Twitter (Using HypeFury)

Yannick is the co-founder of Hypefury, a tool that makes your life with Twitter a lot better. Yannick will share principles and strategies that help you build a bigger audience, grow your email list, and monetize your content through Twitter.







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